to get away from all these l-i-e-s (dizzydq82) wrote,
to get away from all these l-i-e-s

so this weekend..=)

it was funfunfun! last weekend being in school as a junior. how sad.

friday i went to sean and bretts house with carrie. i met all of their friends and we had some crazy fun! we all def. have to hang out again.. her friends might just be crazier than all you sterling bandies! (lol u like that nickname ive given you?!)

saturday was graduation..i ALMOST cried when all the seniors left us. tom & i clapped for "my people". its really sad to think that it was the last time id see some people, i was just getting to know them =/

thennn i went to jeff's grad party. i hadnt seen them all in 1 or 3 years. i hung out with leah mostly cause jeff was busy with his HOTT water polo teammates. jill & angela are like bffff4l so i didnt wanna bug them too much.. but its all good. leah is my fav anyways!

then i went to chels house to watch tristan and isodle. i lovelovelove that movie. it was really fun.

today..i went to chrissy's grad party & then hit the boookks.. all i have done so far is re read the english stories.. i need to cram after dinner!

well..good luck everyone on exams who have them & for the rest of you lucky ones.. enjoy your time!
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