to get away from all these l-i-e-s (dizzydq82) wrote,
to get away from all these l-i-e-s

i walked out of school at 2:15 and was on the road at 2:16.. first car out babyyy. i loved it lol.

so last night i was thinking & i realized im a senior! YES we have already established this over the summer with band camp, mentoring & so forth but im not just a SENIOR.. but im a SAL-DAN-LAUREN-ADRIAN-NATILIE senior.

haha ok no will prolly get that but basically it means im what the ppl who i idolized as a freshman were. its exciting lol.

i found my notebook from 7th grade computers with Mr. Marberg or whatever, woah i miss that crazy guy.
everything is going to fast! SLOW DOWNNNN.
seriously. we'll be graduating soon.
thats like a million years off but now its like HERE.

ahh rfihasdfn overwhelming feelings for sure. =)
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