to get away from all these l-i-e-s (dizzydq82) wrote,
to get away from all these l-i-e-s

long time no write..

i was thinking about getting rid of this thing..who really reads what we write anyways?
((i do have to admit i DO read my friends tho))
it is fun to look bad at the olddd memories from like frosh year when i made it...i guess with being a senior & all ill keep it ONLY for sentimental reasons.

a lot has been going on this summer & i love it. i feel now tho that i can finally relax...

+cedar point was sooo much fun
+out with kristen x 3, a blast as always
+getting my license!
+going to georgia & seeing my family&NOAH (the sweetest, cutest baby alive)
+shopping for senior pics & my haircut

i cant think of anything negative right now..waittttt..
-construction on the pool- yeah it'll be better but they were supposed to be finished over a month ago!

ok everyone. have a great holiday week & youll be seeing my special post on the 4th as always. i apologize to those who DO SEE it every year and actually read it, thank you.

much love.
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