to get away from all these l-i-e-s (dizzydq82) wrote,
to get away from all these l-i-e-s

it's def. that time of year where everyone is stressing and freaking out.
it's ok kids. we only have 20 more days ((us underclassmen).
i dont know what im gonna do without the seniors.. they have been a part of my life since like elementary. =(
i really cant believe ill be a senior tho. thats effing crazy. im so excited but im gonna miss it how it is now.

today has been the first DECENT day weatherwise. thank goodness, i cant take anymore of this depression and rain. ughhh i love it but let me tell you...i could NOT survive in seattle for a month. lol

may is almost over, i really cant believe it.
ive got..
-jazz concert
-personal growth project
-memorial parade
-grad parties
-senior pics
-cedar point

joy. itll be a fun end to a wild & crazy year fo sho.
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